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Home Electronic Focal Chora 816 5.1 Floor Standing Home Theater Package (Bundle Pack)

Focal Chora 816 5.1 Floor Standing Home Theater Package (Bundle Pack)



Product Description

The Chora Center speaker, manufactured in France by Focal, has two midrange/bass speaker drivers with Slatefiber cones and an
Aluminum/Magnesium tweeter. It reproduces dialogues, voices, and all other "front" film sound effects with an exceptional clarity and level of detail thanks to these unique Focal technologies! A hushed song, a shout of joy or rage, or the sound of birds... Nothing will slip your mind, and everything will make you feel something.
The Chora Center, which comes in three finishes, can be mounted on your TV unit or an optional dedicated stand. For even greater immersion, a base included with the loudspeaker also ensures an improved sound image.

This loudspeaker completes a home theatre system perfectly, especially when used with the Dolby Atmos receiver.

A 2.5-way bass-reflex floorstanding loudspeaker, the Chora 816 model. Its Slatefiber-coned woofer and midrange/bass speaker driver work in perfect harmony to produce a voluptuous sound reproduction and a perfect bass impact. In your listening space, the sound comes to life with a dynamic midrange and impressive power handling.
The Chora 816 is especially well suited for home theatre listening and fits in with ease in spaces up to 323 square feet (30 square metres).

The Focal Chora 816 5.1 Floor Standing Home Theater Package (Bundle Pack) consists of:

5 Focal Chora 816 floor-standing speakers
1 Focal Chora center channel speaker
1 Focal Sub 600 subwoofer

It provides a 5.1 home theater surround sound setup. The Chora 816 speakers feature Focal's signature flax cone driver technology for high-quality audio reproduction, while the subwoofer provides deep, punchy bass.


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