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Home Appliances SuperJumbo Grill Sandwich Maker

SuperJumbo Grill Sandwich Maker


SKU: HF122

The Borosil Super Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker allows you to make 4 sandwiches with jumbo sized slices, at the same time! The oil collector tray is your perfect health check - it ensures that the sandwich maker uses only as much oil or butter as necessary, and all the extra drips out. The lid opens up 105°, allowing for easy assembly and removal.Perfect for families who like to eat together or when you have parties, the 2000W power on this sandwich maker, combined with the deep ribs for crisp grilling will ensure that you get perfectly toasted sandwiches in a jiffy.Warranty & Service:
2 year warranty against manufacturing defects
On Site Service: If you are facing any problem with your Borosil Sandwich Maker, just raise a service request and an engineer will visit your home to inspect and repair your appliance


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